India’s first farmer owned organic seed company

Sahaja Seeds

We are India’s first farmer owned organic seed company! Sahaja Samrudha, an organic farmers collective, has spearheaded a movement for the promotion of ecological agriculture through the revival of indigenous seeds. In its journey, it has met and has been inspired by many local seed savers. These are people who had reproduced and handed down from generation to generation, seeds that had unmatched richness of flavor, nutritional benefit, and resistance to pest and diseases.

Grow your own seeds

Seed the basic input, is the lifeline of agriculture. Local farming communities have preserved and reused their diverse indigenous seed varieties over generations. It is with this art of preserving and reusing that all the agricultural biodiversity that is our heritage has been maintained and developed. The situation started changing with introduction of green revolution that ushered in modern crop varieties that would increase yield has not only caused damage on our environment but also eroded most of our seed heritage.

Farmers and gardeners can be self-reliant when they grow their own seeds.

Sowing seeds of hope

Sahaja seeds is “Of the farmers, for the farmers and by the farmers. It allows the farmer and gardeners to multiply seeds of their own choice from the range of varieties the company offers. It markets these Open pollinated seeds that gives the opportunity to the farmers and gardeners to reproduce the seeds; not too dependent on seed company and doesn’t need to buy them anymore. Sahaja Seeds markets traditional crop seeds, which can be grown organically. These seeds best suit the local climate, ecosystem, and soil condition. As a result, use of chemicals is not required.

It also gives the farmer and gardener the opportunity to improve the variety using natural selection, which enhances diversity.

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