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It’s Atomic Grape Tomato! A rare tomato breed with a mix of dark black, purple, yellow, blue, egg (Brinjal) color attractive fruit. No one believes this is a tomato!! Atomic grape tomatoes are small to medium fruits, elongated, oval shape with curved to slightly pointed ends. The fruits grow in clusters on wispy green vines and are green when young, developing dark purple stripes with orange, red, and yellow streaking with maturity. It is important to note that the skin coloring will vary greatly, depending on the climate and growing environment. Atomic grape tomatoes have a crisp texture, softening slightly with maturity, and develop a complex sweet-tart flavoring mixed with acidic, earthy, vegetal, and savory flavors.

Its history! Atomic grape tomatoes were developed by breeder Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms near Napa Valley, California. These tomatoes were awarded “Best in Show” at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo, held in Santa Rosa, California, USA.

Notable qualities!
→ The black tomato breed which has a spread quality, which comes to harvest for days. Changes color like beef from tender fruit to fruit. It turns to brown once it is fully grown fruit.
→ If you cut it at an early stage, it will not spoil even for ten days, it will slowly become fruit.
→ Perfect for making a salad. Nice to eat too.
→ Its color is its specialty.! It’s not hard to catch a city market. The nut will leave at the same time. There are no disease insects that can be said except harvesting fruit and cracking in summer.
→ There is no doubt that the atomic grape tomato will be the king of your kitchen garden (or terrace garden!)./
→ Really wild! Fruit holds well on the vine or off, making this amazing variety a good candidate for market growers.

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