Open Source Seed Policy


Seed diversity, crucial for food security and nutritious diets, is decreasing dramatically as industrial agriculture intensifies. Commercial patenting of seed varieties eradicates traditional seed-saving and sharing practices and diminishes the gene pool. Another threat comes from changing climate conditions for which seeds are not resilient, resulting in harvests lost to drought, floods, pests and diseases. Only a handful of organizations dominate the global seeds market, shutting farmers out. If we want more choice at the marketplace and healthier diets, farmers and gardeners must have access to diverse, robust and adaptive seeds that will produce a wide variety of crops in different or changing climates.

Sahaja Seeds believe in Open Source Seed Systems. Our seed is open pollinated (OP), which means that saved seed will breed true to type and our consumers have direct access and control of their seed supply. We are foremost organic seed producers. We are out to save organic seeds and we want you to hop on with us!

The seed industry, a handful of large companies, is in control of much of the world’s seed supply. Focusing exclusively on developing varieties that are hybrids, elite OP varieties, or genetic engineered, thereby denying us our seed sovereignty – the basis for our food supply. Our answer to this problem is to put all our seeds in the public domain for customers. This means that you can reproduce, improve and select varieties of your own choice. You will also have the freedom to share your variety with your friends, family and the world.

Free the Seed!

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