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REVIVING VEGETABLE DIVERSITY – A Seed Savers’ Guide, by Deepika Kundaji of Pebble Garden

The book is a delight for organic farmers and gardeners who are eager to work with traditional vegetable varieties. Heavily illustrated with gorgeous colour photographs, the comprehensive text contains an extensive directory of traditional as well as rare and unusual vegetables. Each profile contains a listing of traditional bred vegetable diversity and demonstrates how to practically save and revive seeds. As growing your own produce becomes more popular, this book is most welcome, for it is certain to have the answers for almost any question relating to vegetable seed saving.

If you want to learn how to harvest the right kind of fruit for seed saving then here is the complete guide ‘REVIVING VEGETABLE DIVERSITY’. The book is an A-to-Z guide organized into highlighting diversity within different vegetables, and also diversity in a few vegetables which represent certain types for which seed saving techniques vary. The history of season, farming, growing tips, and the book lays the basic foundation for vegetable seed saving on which one could build or expand on.

While you can bring Reviving Vegetable Diversity – a Seed Savers‘ Guide into your garden, there’s nothing like getting the advice straight from Deepika, the author of the book. Deepika Kundaji is an organic gardener and seed saver, who has worked with non-commercial vegetable varieties that are ideal for home gardeners for the past 30 years. She has preserved more than 90 traditional varieties and has shown that a peoples’ movement to save traditional seeds could be created even in confined spaces. Her 2000 sq meters Pebble Garden in Auroville, Tamil Nadu is a repository of more than 100 endangered traditional vegetable varieties from all over India: root crops, herbs, perennial etc. These varieties are ideal for home use and home gardens. The book in its second edition contains notes in simple language; it presents the principles and practices needed for the production of pure seeds of excellent quality.

Author: Deepika Kundaji
Publisher: Sahaja Media, Mysore


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