Red Tamarind


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Tamarind is a leguminous tree bearing edible fruit. The fruit has a fleshy, juicy, acidic pulp rich in minerals,vitamins and antioxidants .One of our farmers Channappa Kudari has grown this particular Red Tamarind Variety by getting few seeds from his fellow friend in Hubli,  and has been growing it ever since. This Red Tamarind tree was grown by seed and the tree is 25 years old now  bearing tasty  red tamarind fruits which is attracting many local farmers and buyers.  This variety of Tamarind is much more sweeter than the regular one, this is also being used as the medicine to cure Cough which is a special feature of this tamarind and has many health benefits. It has many usages as the other tamarind varieties.

Each packet contains 10 seeds of Red Tamarind.




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